Monday, May 4, 2009

I have great friends...

...they make sure I don't sit home every night desperately missing my husband

...What's that Anna?...You want me to go to a Reds game?...I'd love to!

It was an absolutly gorgeous day to spend at the ball park. I have to admit, I hate baseball. But it's super fun going to games. I get to sit outside in the sunshine and socialize with good friends. And enjoy ball park staples like hot dogs and lemon ice...oh wait...I didn't get any lemon ice...Curse you lemon ice man!

I wore my lucky pigtails. But apparently they were the Braves' lucky pigtails, because the Reds certainly were not having any luck, or hits, or runs.

We chilled on Fountain Square afterwards, and compared our farmers tans and racoon eyes.

I really wanted to be that kid jumping in the fountain. Did you know they don't put any chemicals in the fountain, so it's totally ok to drink? I don't know, it looks to me like that little kid on the left is about to do something fishy in that non-chlorinated water...I'll stick to the bottled water.

What's that Amanda?...There's a toga party?...I'm soooo there.

Here's Amanda and was Jodie's graduation/toga party. These guys love themed parties...and drinking.

My team won the flip cup competition, thank you very much. And even though Amanda may look only twelve all of us were well over the legal drinking age. I love you Manda!

Here's Amanda chugging, and apparently me taking pictures of Chase and Jodie taking pictures of me taking pictures...

Hmm What excatly is Chase doing back there behind Chad? Hi Chad!

So, I have absolutley no idea who these two wonderful gentleman are. But they were drinking the spiked kool-aid and showing off their toned calves, so I took a picture.

It was a really fun party, and I actually had a number of other pictures, like with me and my toga...but when I downloaded the pictures onto my computer it deleted a bunch of them! I'm still a little upset about that. I've never claimed to be computer savvy, but that darn thing has really been giving me some headaches. Why do I need to reconnect to the internet everytime you go into sleep mode! I don't understand!

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If I come to visit can we have a toga party please?