Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things you can only do in the Army

Some times I will have plenty of time to post photos and witty narration. Other times I will only have time for a quick update or maybe I just want to tell a story before I forget. This is one of those latter reasons for such a quick post.

There are certain things that you can only do legally in the military. Other things that you can only do in the military and only if you're lucky enough to be on the right mission at the right time. Two days ago myself and the Lt. Colonel with me went to the airport to meet our main body as they landed in country. I had only intended to go to the area that the busses from the airplane would take them to await escort up to the base. It would have been the area with the porta-johns in my last post. After a couple of gates and a couple of coin flips on whether to turn left or right, I get to the gate for the Kuwait International Airport flightline where the plane is actually parking to off-load our soldiers. So not only were we able to greet our soldiers as they were taking the steps down from the plane - but how many times in my life am I going to be able to drive on ANY airport's flight line, not to mention the flight line for Kuwait International Airport. My only regret is that I didn't have my camera with me.

Oh well - that's all for now. Just a quick post between assignments as I wrap things up for the day and prepare to go and see Street Fighter at the theater here on post.

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NHoyt said...

LOL...if that's the most excitment you encounter this next year, I'll start sleeping a lot better at night.

Thomas said...

NOTE TO JASON & NATALIE (if she reads this regularly...) I got a phone call this morning from Tony. They are inducing labor on his wife now... Baby should be born late 28th or 29th. I'll be there before 9:00 or so tonight....
Pop (aka Army Dad, Navy Vet & Proud father.

Thomas said...

NHoyt - "sleep better at night" anyway. That's all we can do... and pray, which we do. But, staying up worrying doesn't shorten his time. I love you. (note to readers - Jason brought home the sweetest wife his poppa and momma could have hoped for. )

Pop (aka as above)
Heading out to San Marcos within an hour or two.