Monday, May 25, 2009

48 Hours To Kuwait

The 48 hours leading up to my arrival in Kuwait was a bit of a whirlwind. The deal with being ADVON to Kuwait worked out well. Not only did Natalie get to go to her PM retreat instead of taking leave she didn’t have, I also got to spend my last day in the USA with my dad at one of the most historic places in our country – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. That’s right, the birthplace of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, along with the final resting place of Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, William Bainbridge (the captain of Old Ironsides) and many, many more. This visit from my dad was due to him being in DC for an old Navy friend’s retirement ceremony. He drove up on the day before I had to leave to the airport and we spent the night in Philly and came back the next afternoon.

And of course - what trip to Philly would be complete without a shot of Ben Franklin's toilet?

Here's a shot of dad and I at the liberty bell. Funny how one simple gift that really stood for very little became such a symbol for so many things. The history of it's transformation into a national symbol is pretty interesting.

And of course - Independence Hall!! The place where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States were both drafted and signed. Most of the stuff is replica, but the big main chair at the front center is the same chair that Washington sat in while the Constitution was being framed and signed.

Once my dad dropped me off back at good ol’ Ft. Dix I packed the last of my bags and headed off to the airport. We arrived roughly 6 hours before our flight took off. Being that our flight didn’t leave till 4am you get the idea of how long our two days of travel was.

Here is a picture of what the pilot said was the area around London, so I’m guessing this is a suburb of some sort.

After a layover in Germany where I was at least able to jump on the net fast enough to text Natalie we got on the move for Kuwait where we arrived at about 4am. This final photo here is the start of my time “In Theater” as we call it. It was a fairly nice sunrise all things considered. At least it was only about 90 degrees by this time of the morning. Though you will notice the line of porta-potties to the left….some things just never change apparently. I can’t wait for another year in a location where porcelain toilets are a rare commodity.

Well tomorrow the rest of our group arrives here. Hopefully soon I can get you some shots of the camp here. In lieu of that you can Google Earth for Camp Buehring, Kuwait and see some satelite imagary.
For now, it's time for a good night's sleep.

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Thomas said...

to clarify - in that pix of the Liberty Bell - the good looking young guy is Jason. The old man to his side is his dad. I didn't want anyone to be confused. For me, it was a great 24 hours to be with my son on the day he was leaving country. For a bit I 'feared' that I'd have the privilege of taking him TO the airport. I would have been proud to take him - but my tear ducts are kind of old...

Navy Veteran, Army Dad, and thankful American