Monday, April 20, 2009

Ode to the Rain

Since Jason will be spending the next twelve months in the desert where he will see little to no rain, I thought it would be fitting to share with everyone what he will be missing.

This is our mud pit, otherwise known as our backyard. This spring has been particularly moist and our sloping yard loves to create puddles and lakes for the dogs to play in.

Last year Jason dug this trench to get water to flow away from the house. Honestly I think it's more like a canal now, or maybe a tributary...because it flows here

This is Hoyt's marsh. Or maybe Hoyt's bog. Hoyt's swamp? Anyway, this is basically our entire backyard. With three dogs who love to play and romp you just know that Hoyt's swamp won't stay in one place.

I give you our back porch. The carpet used to be one solid color. Oh, and of course it doesn't help that the roof leaks either.

That bucket is doing a great job though!

Less than 24 hours ago this floor was spotless. I was so sick and tired of the mud being tracked in that I scrubbed every last puppy paw and swept up every single fluffy hair. And this is what I came home to today


Nothing is sacred from the rain and mud. Not even my cute Puma's

That's a tiny pug paw on my once clean black sock.

Fluffy Edgar is the worst offender

Those muddy paws are post-wipe down. His fluffiness absorbs the muddy mushy wet stuff like a freakin' sponge. Not only that, but Edgar LOVES mud. He finds the largest, deepest puddle and then stands right in the middle. And sometimes rolls around in it. Or sometimes just sticks his face in it.

That's right Edgar, hang your head in shame. We can all see the mud stuck on your nose.

And honestly it would almost be bearable if it weren't for this little guy

Yeah I know what you're thinking, that innocent little face, what could he possibly be doing wrong. That would be pooping in the house! He hates the rain. He hates the mud. He won't go out in it. He'll wait until I've turned my back or stepped out of the room and then he'll go potty in the house. And no, not on the tile floor, it has to be on the carpet.

I'm sick of the rain, I'm sick of the mud, I'm sick of the paw prints. I'm moving...tomorrow...someplace very, very dry.

Don't fret Sammy, you can come with me, you're the good dog.

In non rain/dog related news. Jason is officially at Fort Dix and doing well. Cross your fingers that we'll get to see each other one more time before he heads overseas.

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