Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July - hoping the party is not pre-mature

So I'm done with my full-time studies for my MBA and that means I now have the time for a real job. Since I'm only 3 classes away from the actual degree I'm certainly looking to get hired as if I already have the degree. As luck would have it...just as I started my search I got an e-mail from the CFO of a small company inviting me to apply for a position at his company. The CFO got my info because he was a judge at an academic competition earlier in the spring. My team won the competition he was a judge at and apparently I impressed him. The problem was that the job was for a Financial Annalist position and I really have no financial background. So after our first chat he gave my resume to the plant director (it's a custom products manufacturing company). So then I had an interview with the CEO (because I was actually still being considered for the FA position as well) and then the plant director on the same day. Then the plant director had me meet a week later with a couple other project managers who would be my coworkers if I was hired for the Project Manager position that is open. In summary - the feeling is that I already have a job, but they just need to decide which one I have - then offer me a salary of course. So I'm basically spending this Fourth as if I already have a full-time well paying job. But on the same token just praying that I'm not wrong.

Once I do finally get the phone call my plan is to buy a bottle (or two) of champagne for me and a bottle for Natalie and then I'm going to down that bottle along with a cigar over some big fat steaks on the grill. And trust me - there will be other celebrations to follow.

In the mean time - keep your fingers crossed and say your prayers that my job hunt comes out well. It was a bit of a leap of faith to quit my full time job to pursue a drastic career change and to hope that I would be "noticed" by someone as I figured that would be about the only sure way to get a job in this economy. A lot of prayers that this would work out and that His will would be mine as well.

Natalie has sacrificed many pairs of new shoes to help keep making ends meet during this time so she's really hoping for a real job soon too - so say your prayers for her continued mental health as well

Next blog post - pictures of the puppy that has gone from 13 - 32 pounds in the past two months.