Monday, April 6, 2009

While Jason is away...

...Natalie will dress up her dog

Awww doesn't he look cute! He's supporting his daddy!

...Natalie will karaoke

Ok, so I didn't actually sing...but I was there to support Bethany, Amanda, Chad and Drew!

See there I am.

...Natalie will take Gus to the Cincinnati Pug Meetup

Holy Smooshed Face, Batman...that's a lot of pugs!

And one super fat pug in particular caught my eye. This is Pugsley

He has fat rolls on his legs! Fat Roll Enhance!

I really had a hard time not chasing this pug around the park pinching his fat rolls.

...And Natalie will pamper herself just a little

I got my nails done

And of course my toenails too.

Puggy Gus says, "what else is Natalie going to do while Jason is away???"

I dont know Mr. Gus

What else should I do?


SocialWkr24/7 said...
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NHoyt said...

Bubble Gum pink coming right up!

Catherine said...

Natalie! I need your address!!! email it to me! or i'm having a baby and i want to send you a shower invite... and i can't find you!!