Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Three Dogs

Gus, "Nom, nom, nom, I love chewing on squeaky toys"

Sammy, "Hey wait a minute that's my squeaky toy!"

Gus, "You wanna start something, punk?"

Sammy, "Mom, Gus stole my squeaky toy. Make him give it back!"

Gus, wiggling butt in the air, "Nah, nah, nah, nah, you can't have it."

Edgar, "Dude, is someone going to pet me or what? I'm so fluffy...you can't resist my fluff!"

Mom, "Alright everyone, time to play nice."

They're best friends...minus the squeaky toys of course

Even Edgar is getting used to the pug. He doesn't let just anyone in his private Edgar cage.

In non-dog news. Jason is back in town for a couple days. He's in between training, returning from Fort McCoy, WI and heading to Fort Dix, NJ tomorrow. Of course I'm overjoyed to be able to see my hubby again before he's shipped thousands of miles away from me. But it's always an adjustment when Jason comes back from any Army exercise. It usually takes him a day or two to get out of Sgt Hoyt mode. But once I finished following my commands we had lots of fun.

We went to a movie at the drive-in and saw Knowing. Really great movie up until the last fifteen minutes. I won't give the ending away to anyone who wants to see it, but it was very disappointing. We went and saw Cirque Dreams at the Aronoff. It's not related to Cirque du Sole, but it has the same idea. Really cool acrobatics and contortionists. It was incredibly entertaining and we were super lucky to get free tickets and they were in the third freakin' row! And I forced Jason to do a little shopping with me too. We've been in our house for almost two years now and all our walls are still bare. I fell in love with these paintings when Pioneer Woman featured them. Apparently a whole lot of other people fell in love with them as well, because she recently blogged about where to buy them. So of course I promptly went out and bought them, and then made Jason hang them for me.

Do we like them? It kind of makes me want to go out and buy all new furniture for the living room as well.


SocialWkr24/7 said...
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Mrs B. said...

Okay, (1) even though your posts are few and far between, you totally make up for it by being 1 million percent hilarious. (2) I love Edgar. (3) the PW paintings look amazing! I'm so glad you got them! You're lucky I don't have the money to get them, or you would be forced to be my twin! (insert evil cackle here) (4) come back to work. It's unbearable without you here. :-(