Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mardi Gras - Part 3

Some of the most popular attractions during Mardi Gras are the parades. They range from massive professionally organized parades with insane floats, marching bands, and more beads than the human neck can hold, to rednecks on the back of pickup trucks.

Here's one of those crazy professional floats

Here's our necks breaking under all those beads. I promise no tatas were flashed in the catching of these beads.

Here's what we did in between crazy floats and catching beads

Mom Hoyt with a beer!? WHAT!? Mom Hoyt doesn't drink. That's like my hubby telling me it would be ok to flash for beads or us stealing a plastic sword off of some guys shopping cart.
Oh wait...

Just so everyone knows that sword fell off the cart...it was totally fair game. And it came in super handy for snagging those hard to reach beads. Oh that guy on the far right...some drunk dude that jumped in our picture. He was a happy drunk though so we let it slide. It certainly wasn't the last time this happened either. There were A LOT of drunk people.

I have absolutely no idea who this dude is. But the conversation went something like this:

Drunk Dude, "Hey I hope this doesn't show up on Facebook, dude"

Jason, "Drunk Dude, this is so going up on Facebook...Say Cheese."

If anyone is paying close attention to the above picture you will notice we are under the Pat O'brian's sign on Burbon street. You have to visit Bourbon street during Mardi Gras....it's like a law or something. There's plenty of boobies to entertain the guys and even more freaks of nature to entertain everyone who's not looking at the boobies.

Example #1

Can someone please explain to me what rainbow lady is wearing, or why we Hoyt's thought it would be a good idea to get close enough to touch these people? I feel dirty.
Example #2

Honestly people? Men prettier than women. How can you possibly find anything prettier than those three lovely ladies underneath that sign. We just proved you wrong Female Impersonators!
But of course no trip to the French Quarter is complete until you visit Cafe Du Monde. They're famous for their beignets. It's a French word people, for the love of jebus do not pronounce the "g" or the "t". Granted it's a fancy French word for fried dough. I'm sorry New Orlean's natives but you will just have to come to terms with the fact they are indeed little squares of fried doughy goodness covered in a mound of powdered sugar. Anyway, if you're in New Orleans visiting the French Quarter check it out...just make sure you pronounce beignets correctly or face the scorn and ridicule of those around you.

Mmmmmm....fried doughy goodness...

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