Monday, January 25, 2010

48 Hours

In less than 48 hours I should be tackling Jason to the ground. I got the e-mail this evening that he made it safely into Kuwait, and he should make it into Cincinnati by Tuesday evening. Much preparation for Jason's arrival has gone on these past several days. Thanks to Anna's help the house has been cleaned from top to bottom, and I can honestly say that my legs will be shaved for the first time in ten months. When I stop and think about the fact that I'm finally going to see my husband again I start to hyperventilate a little. What's the only thing that could put a damper on my excitment? The Saints are going to the superbowl. Jason is going to be absolutely impossible these next two weeks waiting in anticipation for the big game. My only recourse will be to throw on a Saints jersey and helmet and run around the house yelling, "who dat" to get his attention. LOL I'm mostly joking. I'm beyond excited to see my husband again, ten months is a long freaking time.


Mrs B. said...

I would just like to clarify that I did not help with the shaving of Natalie's legs. She did that all on her own. LOL

thomintejas said...

Note to anyone reading the comments... (This written by Jason's dad...) Jason DID come home a few days ago - a joyful reunion I am certain. However, a day or two after his return he (we) were awakened by the news that Jason's grandfather (aka, Paw-paw) had died during the night. It was quite a shock to all of us who knew & loved him much. He had been diagnosed w/ throat cancer a while back. Although surgery and treatment had gone well - except for a few lingering problems.
Anyway, the funeral is Monday in Louisiana.

Prayers for those who grieve are appreciated.

Jason's Pop.