Tuesday, February 16, 2010

48 hours again

48 hours from now Jason should be back at FOB Delta thousands of miles away from his loved ones. I kissed him goodbye, and maybe shed a tear or two, earlier today and he should hopefully be somewhere over the Atlantic ocean at this point.

I was told by Mom-in-law that this goodbye would be by far more difficult that the first goodbye, but honestly it hasn't been that bad so far. We had almost three weeks together and Jason will be done with his deployment and back home before April 15. We have less than two months to be apart from each other...and since we've both already survived a ten month seperation, two months feels like a piece of cake. At least that's what I'm telling myself.

Our time together wasn't exactly what we had planned for. It was going to be Jason and Natti hiding away in our little house for two weeks and reconnecting with each other. But sometimes God has a different plan in mind. We ended up in New Orleans to say goodbye and celebrate the life of Jason's grandfather, Paw Paw. It's never easy to say goodbye to someone who's been so instrumental in your life, but it was definitely a blessing that Jason was state side so that he could pay his respects. Paw Paw was a wonderful man.

I thought having Jason back home would be a weird adjustment after so many months, but honestly if felt like he never left. I actually think Jason being home was more weird for him...he was taking a "vacation" but he was home...kind of like going home to mom and dad's after being away at college for a year. We both enjoyed our time together despite the tragedy.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts and prayers. I know a lot of people have been praying and keeping Jason in their thoughts on this deployment. I know he appreciates it, and I certainly do as well.

I absolutely have to mention two things from Jason's time home...The Saint's won the superbowl! I have never seen Jason hug a man so tightly and for so long as he did with Kevin when the Saint's made that interception. Seriously they were jumping up and down hugging each other...it was slightly disturbing. And Jason was accepted to graduate school at NKU. Great news because our five year plan is coming to fruition...bad news because that mean's we're immediately broke. But God will provide!

57 days and counting!


Mrs B. said...

Boo to Jason leaving again
Yay! to it only being for a short while
Boo to Paw Paw dying
Yay! to Jason being stateside at the time
Yay! to the Saints winning! I rooted for them because of Jason, LOL
Yay! to NKU! last I heard, they hadn't responded yet

thomintejas said...

Although it was sad to lose a person dear to us for very long - it was very nice for Emma and I to be able to see my entire family for a couple of days. Being able to have all six of us out to eat and spend a little 'tourist' time in New Orleans, too.