Saturday, January 16, 2010

I know, I know

I know what you're going to say. I've already heard it from my good friend, my boss, my mother in law, and my husband. And all I have to say in response is it's all Amanda's fault. I would like everyone to meet the newest member of the family. This is Mimi the pug...

If you've been reading this blog for any length of time then you already know that, yes, this is dog number four. I know that I'm crazy, that my husband is away at war, that my house is small, that my backyard is a swamp, and that four dogs officially puts me in the 'crazy dog lady' catagory. But look at this pitiful little face

So Wednesday I get a phone call from Amanda telling me that a lady at church has an old, blind pug that she and her husband had been fostering. They were looking for a good home for this little girl. So by Thursday I was over there meeting little Mimi and by Saturday Mimi was the newest member of the family. She's probably around 11 years old, has horrible cataracts so she's can't she a thing, and spent the majority of her life completely neglected and hidden away from humans and other animals. How can you say no to a poor doggie that needs your help. I couldn't.

She's incredibly quiet and doesn't make nearly the amount of pug noises that Gus makes. She's very calm and walks everywhere slowly and with her head down so she doesn't hurt herself when she runs into things. She has absolutley horrible, stinky farts, and terrible dog breath, but I'm thinking that might just be a pug thing because Gus does too. It will be an adjustment period I'm sure. She gets a little snippy when dogs come to smell her and she starts to feel uncomfortable. But I think just a little time with my pack and she'll fit right in. Welcome to the family Mimi, I promise to spoil you rotton and fatten you up.