Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jason says hello

So I know that I said Jason would be posting in a couple days, but that was before his satellite service went down at his office. So he is currently unable to access the internet or make calls. Jason says hello to everyone, and to not worry about him if you don't hear from him for a little while. He will make contact as soon as the satellite is up and running again.

Of course all of this means that when Jason tried calling me from his government issued cell phone this afternoon the call was dropped no less than 15 times and we managed to converse for a total of five minutes. I miss my husband. I really can't wait until the time when we can have a conversation without being surrounded by an office full of people, or having to spend the whole time screaming, 'hello can you hear me?'

It's totally ok that I'm filling the void left by my hubby with shoes, right?

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thomintejas said...

It's ok for you to console yourself w/ entertainment for the dogs (aka, shoes) - - and as long as that "Jason Returns Home" countdown clock keeps working!

Pop of Sgt Hoyt