Saturday, October 3, 2009


Hi Blog Readers !

This is Jason's little sister Rachel - I've hijacked the blog for today! Its a very special day today - right now in Iraq it is Sunday, October 4th! And for those of you who may not know...


I love my big brother and am SO proud of him! I've taken over the blog to send Jason a very special birthday present. Thanks to everyone who helped me out!

Hi Jason!

I thought long and hard about what to do for your birthday this year. I knew there was no way I'd get around to sending you something super cool to Iraq - and you'd kill me for spending the money. So, instead I cooked up this surprise instead. Hope you enjoy it!

(And yes, after today, you can go back to using your Facebook as well! )


First, all of your family wanted to wish you a happy birthday! We are so proud of you and love you sooooo much!

Pawpaw insisted on being the first:

Mawmaw had to convince Annie that she wanted to be in the picture (to your disappointment, no cats were harmed in the making of this birthday present!).

You can imagine how much it took to get Mom included here - she had to figure out how to work a digital camera AND the computer!

Scully insisted on having her own picture - she was just thrilled to tell you Happy Birthday~

I braved a COLD day at Wrigley Field for you - but sadly it didn't really seem to help the Cubbies at all!

But I'm sure they'll get 'em next year - once you're back to cheer them on!

David and Rebecca really went the extra mile - they managed to get pictures with both Leah and Me for your birthday!

(Just in case you didn't recognize those grown up kids - its Gina and Grayson!)

You'd better hurry back soon so that you can join in all the cousins-bonding!

Melissa and Dusty sent this picture to remind you that not only do they wish you a Happy Birthday - they promise there will be many oysters once you get home!

Dad and Emma also say Happy Birthday and wish you were going to be home sooner!

And no worries - We couldn't leave out your other Mom and Dad!

Natalie's Dad was VERY excited to wish you another happy year~

But I'm not to sure her Mom was thrilled to be in the picture! We let her hold the sign though:

And Natalie practically had to tie down your nephews to get them in a picture -

But they did make you some pretty awesome signs!

But after all the family was in on the fun - there were more people who wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.... SO STAY TUNED!!!

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