Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Friends Join In....

Once people heard that it was your birthday - everyone wanted in on the fun!

Dad mananged to hunt down some people you haven't seen in quite a while:

And remember Jessica Long? From Jackson? She sent you this to remind you that just cause Iraq has lots of sand - doesn't make it the beach!

Natalie got her a whole lot of people from her office to wish you HAPPY B-DAY!

Joel felt the best way to wish you Happy Birthday was to reveal your love for Mr. Simmons...

A whole lot of your friends from Zion Lutheran Church wanted to wish you God's Blessings for your birthday too!

And Ben and Ashley joined in the fun -

I ran this one past Natalie and she assured me she was aware of this person...I'll just assume it falls under the "don't ask/don't tell" policy...

And my friend Gina is in the Witness Protection Program but wanted to be included:

Melanie joined me at that bitterly cold Cubs game!
And the Cubbies themselves sent a Happy Birthday email... well, an intern in their public relations office did anyhow!

And these guys didn't really know you.... but I'm sure they wanted to say Happy Birthday too!

Still more to come......

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