Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Antigua Part 1

For one week we were in paradise. I miss paradise. Paradise didn't have sick dogs, or work, or school. Paradise didn't make us cook our own food, or pay for our own booze. I really miss paradise.

Needless to say, Jason and I enjoyed our vacation to Antigua. Our all inclusive resort was beyond beautiful, the staff was friendly, the food and drinks delicious...and we got a free upgrade to our room when we arrived...which meant...

Free stocked bar in the room!!! So we did the only natural thing after 14 hours of travel to get to this wonderful paradise...

We celebrated...

...and lounged. But after that long tedious day of airports and planes, we rested peacefully and awoke to this view.

So we weren't super close to the ocean, but that was ok. We were nestled in this wonderful little area with our own pool and surrounded by gorgeous tropical plants. It was quiet, and peaceful, and it was easy to forget that there were hundreds of other people spread throughout the resort.

And it was just a short walk to all the fun activity. There were seven different restaurants and two different swim up bars. When we weren't lounging on floaties in the pool soaking up the sun, we were stuffing our faces at all the restaurants. But it didn't matter where we were, the view was always spectacular.

This was my first time in the Carribbean, I had never seen water so blue, or crystal clear

We debated for quite some time about taking a vacation like this, and spending a significant chunk of money.

But after over 12 months of Jason and I being apart from each other I think this vacation to this paradise was more than justified.

Many more pictures and stories to come!

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