Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Princess Mimi

It's been well over a month since the last post, and this past month has been hectic to say the least. Jason and I have been readjusting to living together as a married couple, we've had a wonderful vacation, I had an insane corporate retreat, Jason started grad school, I went to the Jimmy Buffett concert, we had our sewer line replaced, and unfortunately we had to say goodbye to our little puggy Mimi yesterday.

Right before we left for our one week vacation in Antigua, we noticed that Mimi was becoming more and more picky about eating her food. As any good pug owner knows, a pug that won't eat is a sick pug.

But we didn't think too much of it. Then we returned to realize that now she would barely eat anything. Maybe she's just being really picky?

I traipsed off to my corporate retreat not worrying too terrible much. Sometimes her belly got upset and we just needed to find the right food to settle her stomach.

But when I returned from my retreat I noticed instantly that she was acting she didn't feel well. Over the past several months Mimi had become almost spunky. She had energy, she would run up the stairs, jump up on the couch all on her own, her little tail would twitch with joy when she heard her name called, she would follow me all over the house in the hopes that I would reach down and give her a little ear scratch. She had no fear and never let her complete blindness slow her down. I said many times that I could take life lessons from the blind, old pug.

But now she just stood there, she wouldn't come to her name, and she wouldn't accept any food.

We took her to the vet and they told us she had some liver disease. They were realistic but gave us some options. We could try antibiotics and steroids and it might help.

We were hopeful, and I tried not to think about the alternative. But after two weeks of treatment we didn't see any improvement. She was refusing food, and refusing her medicine. She started having trouble breathing and her little body was just giving up.

We put her to sleep yesterday evening. The vet reassured us it was the right thing to do. We didn't want her to suffer. She was such a blessing to me, even for the short time that I had her. I knew that she was very old and that she had had a very rough life before she came to me. I'm glad I got to spoil and love her for the time I was given. It was very hard for Jason and I to say goodbye to such a special member of our family. Goodbye Princess Mimi, I love you.


thomintejas said...

I remember weeping many tears over a silly dawg named Sandy, bless his heart. It's a very real grief.

Mrs B. said...

I was lucky enough to see 'spunky' Mimi, and that's how I'll always remember her. She was very lucky to spend the last part of her life with a family like you! :-)