Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Prayer Request

About three months ago my mom attempted to get out of bed, fell down and broke her left ankle. Last night in an attempt to walk into the kitchen to get herself a nighttime snack she fell down and broke her right ankle. My poor mother as many of you know has been suffering from Multiple Sclerosis for the last twenty years, the disease has left her, among many other symptons, frail and brittle. 2009 has presented many struggles for my parents, and it doesn't look like 2010 will be much better. Your thoughts and prayers are much needed right now. For my mom, her recovery for her left ankle, her surgery for her right, her constant pain, and the daily struggles of living with MS. For my dad, his struggles with taking care of mom, and his private battles. I'm just crossing my fingers that this will be the last broken bone for awhile. Please keep mom and dad in your prayers and I hope everyone has a safe and injury free Christmas.

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thomintejas said...

Prayers ascend for your Mom, Dad - - and your travels during the holiday. Merry Christmas!