Monday, November 30, 2009

Little known family members

So everyone has met my three fabulous puppies. But you may not know that Jason and I actually have some other pets as well. This is Chompers

He's a dwarf hamster. I got him about two months ago because I'm a sucker for small furry woodland creatures.

It may seem a little odd, but I actually keep him at work with me. With as crazy and stressful as work gets on a regular basis, it's nice to take a break and watch Chompers chomping away at things. And boy does he love to chomp...fingers, nuts, pens, pretty much anything you put close to his cage. We actually gave him an official work title, Chompers the Chief Operating Hamster. So far everyone at work has been really understanding...I kind of expected odd stares and whispers about the crazy hamster lady. But I think as long as he doesn't end up escaping and reaking havoc throughout the office Chompers is welcome.

We also have a fish, meet Galahad the Goldfish...

That's right, I said Galahad. So this is actually goldfish number 2. Frankie the fish died about three weeks ago...I feel a little bad that I didn't get any pictures of him. He was a present from Sgt Hubby...because not only am I sucker for furry woodland creatures, but I'm also a sucker for goldfish. And I never quite got over my high school goldfish, I had him for several years and when I went away to college my parents forgot to feed him and he eventually died. It was very traumatic. But I'm crossing my fingers that Galahad will have a long and happy life. And no post would be complete with out gratuitous dog pictures.

Gus in all of his sleeping glory.

Edgar in all of his fruitcake-iness. He has reindeer antlers on his head...he's ready for Christmas!!!!

And Sammy and Gus taking a nap together. They are best friends!!! Mr. Gus really loves his Sammy.
So basically I'm filling the house with animals to keep me company while Jason is gone. I don't know if there will be any room for Jason when he does come back! Only 135 more days, I'm getting anxious!!!!!!

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