Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fun with Aunt Michele

This past weekend my Aunt Michele and John came down to visit me over the 4th of July holiday. And apparently I'm very uncreative when it comes to finding fun things for my guests to do.

We went to the dog park...

Neither Aunt Michele or John had ever been and were excited to see what all the fuss was about from my previous posts.

And I took them to Johnny Rockets

Maybe it's the cute ketchup smiley faces.

But we did do some super fun things that were very Cincinnati, and although I have lived here the majority of my life have never done before.

We took a BB Riverboat tour down the Ohio River. Captain Frank you're my hero.

It rained the entire time on the tour though so we couldn't sit outside. But it was still an enjoyable hour moseying around the river.

We of course had to visit fountain square, eat Greaters, and feed the pigeons. Well only Aunt Michele fed the pigeons...she said they looked hungry. John and I pretended not to know her.

Can anyone guess where we went next? Anyone? Here's a hint...

No guesses? The top of Carew Tower of course.

That's a long way down...wait...is that fountain square...?

It totally is! You all look like tiny ants from up here.
And of course no post would be complete without gratuitous doggie pictures. These were actually taken by my Aunt because she was absolutely in love with the dogs. Especially Mr. Edgar because he looks almost exactly like her dog Ginger. I was actually fairly suprised when I got home from work today and Edgar hadn't been stolen. I had a great time with my Aunt and John in town. I don't get to spend a lot of time with them so it was good to be social and spend time with family. And if anyone wants to go to the dog park and Johnny Rockets give me a call!

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brnh said...

Mike and I went to Carew Tower last week!! I also recommend going to Findlay Market for Belgian Waffles, aka the best waffles EVER!!!