Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fun with Mom in Law - Part 2

After mom and I tied in our weekend sleep-off we decided to go check out the Newport Aquarium. I always enjoy going to the are cool. One fish in particular caught my attention...

It's a monkeyface eel! How perfect for the Monkeyface and Baldy blog! I think this should be the blogs mascot.

We saw all sorts of cool creepy creatures, mom even pet a horseshoe crab. Wait a minute...

Watch out mom that giant octopus is about to get you!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Turtle is not amused. Mr. Turtle? Mr. Turtle, where did you go? Snakey, you better give Mr. Turtle back!
Anyway. Clearly there was much more to look at than just fish. They had a really neat new frog exhibit, and a jellyfish exhibit.
They put cool neon lights in all the tanks to give the fish funky shades. Mom and I were quite mesmorized for a time just watching the jellies going blorp, blorp, blorp. It was very pretty...and peaceful.
The shark tank was a different story. This is where you can stick your hand in a huge tank and pet some sharks. Hmmm so let me ask you it a good idea to grab a shark's dorsal fin and then hold on while the shark starts thrashing around in the water to get away? Yeah I didn't think so. That's what one very intelligent red-neck decided to do. I thought the staff was about to tackle her away from the shark when they saw that. Not to mention that she had her whole family including her children with her. Really? Really? Well at least she and her red-neck family got a good laugh about getting yelled at.
I of course was very respectful of the sharks...mostly because they're bigger than me, and they can chomp my hand off.
I think mom enjoyed her trip to the aquarium, I know I did!
Afterwards we were starving, and luckily the aquarium is located at Newport on the Levee that has tons of restaurants and shops, all looking over the Ohio River. We stopped in at Johnny Rockets, which was a first time for both of us. I loved the fifties diner theme, and the ketchup smiley faces were superb! Even though neither one of us eat was the thought that counted.
We decided to stroll around the levee after filling our bellies. There's always a huge crowd wandering around. And lots of neat things to watch. Like balloon men on stilts. I just couldn't get over how cute the three little boys were next to balloon stilt man.
The next day we took my mom out for the day. This entailed lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and a trip to Target. My mom is totally that crazy cute older lady that you can't help but giggle with. And she lets me do things like this to her.
I love my mom...and I love my mom in law. She was very patient with the eccentricities that make up my family. I beyond enjoyed her visit to Cincinnati. It could be because she reminds me so much of Jason, or because we ended up being so compatable. At any rate I'm super lucky to get a great mom in law.

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Mrs B. said...

"Blorp" is exactly the sound I would expect from a jellyfish. Love it! :)