Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fun With Mom In Law - Part 1

Jason's momma came in to town this past weekend so we could have some fun and commiserate over Jason's absence. Luckily she's super easy going and told me not to plan anything big, we'd just play everything by ear. This of course meant sleeping in, reading lots of books, going out to dinner every night, and pedicures!

Our toes are so pretty now!

Even the doggies agreed!

But I didn't want us sitting around all weekend long with no fun experiences to blog about. So we took the dogs to the dog park. This was my very first experience taking all three dogs at once so I was a little apprehensive. I also had never stuffed all three dogs into the back of my car, so I was even more nervous about that. It seems that Mr. Gus can find mischief wherever he may be. He managed to somehow open the window shades that I have to keep the sun off of my windshield. Poor Edgar didn't know what to do. He sat like this until the car stopped and I moved them out of the way.

But once we safely extracted all dogs from the car and headed into the park everyone seemed to have a good time.

Gus met another little puggy. A younger much skinnier version. I think it may have given him a complex. He spent the rest of the time there just hanging out.

The little puggy friend on the other hand found a nice shady spot to chew on a stick

Just be happy that I didn't return home with two pugs instead of one. This little girl was beyond adorable.
The last time I took Edgar he didn't seem to be enjoying himself as much as I had hoped. He usually loves playing with other dogs, but I think he felt a little too much out of his Edgar comfort zone. Having Sammy and Gus with him this time really brought him out of his shell.

He ran and played and chased the other dogs. He had a huge grin on his face the entire time. He also met a bunch of his cousins. There were at least four other huskies at the park that day, and one in particular looked very similar to Edgar.

Can anyone tell me which puppy is mine?
A funny thing happened with Mr. Sammy. He apparently decided that it was his job to monitor and patrol all the other dogs at the park. Anytime dogs would start playing or barking at each other Sammy would charge over to them as fast as he could and try to break it up. If that didn't work he's start barking at everyone until a human would come help. It was embarrassing at first, until one guy decided that he was sergeant Sammy and kept saluting him anytime Sammy would pass by. I found it fairly amusing that I would have two sergeants in my life. At least Sammy is stepping up to fill the empty man of the house role...even if it is only at the dog park. He took his job very seriously...the other dogs didn't really seem to care.

Mom and I enjoyed ourselves, relaxing in the beautiful weather and watching all the different dogs running and playing.

And it helped me feel a lot less guilty about all the sleeping and lounging Mom and I managed to accomplish that weekend.

I love this picture. This isn't Edgar, this is the other husky. But I just keep thinking that if this were Edgar that kid would be missing a hand in exactly 3.2 seconds. Keep in mind kids, don't approach strange dogs! The kid was ok of course, the husky didn't mind a good tail pull. But still...don't approach strange dogs...I'm just saying...

I had to include this picture of Gus. This may be my favorite doggy picture of all time. Nomming on the monkey's ear! You cannot tell me looking at this doesn't make you smile.

Well, this post was really more about the dogs than about fun with mom...but mom and I had fun with the dogs! Next it will be fun at the aquarium!

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