Monday, April 5, 2010

Jason's coming home!

There was a good chance that he was going to fly out earlier today, but that didn't happen thanks to bad weather. But the forecast looks good for tomorrow, so he should definitely be on his way out of Iraq. And when I say tomorrow that really means like five hours from now.

Honestly it's taken me a couple weeks to really understand the fact that Jason is actually coming home. For the last twelve months all of my energy has been spent in not thinking about and not missing my husband, and now that it's so close I have to force myself to change gears and allow myself to be excited that the end is really near. It's not twelve months's ten days away. Blows my mind.

We'll keep updates coming as the ten day trek home begins.

Prayers and well wishes are greatly encouraged...Jason needs to get home to his family safely!

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(Which means "oh. that's nice. hope he has a safe trip.")