Thursday, August 20, 2009

What do Iraqi goats look like?

Well apparently like the thing in my hands here...

This was the conversation I had with Sgt Hubby a couple days ago.

Me: I hope you remember our anniversary is coming up in a couple days

Sgt Hubby: What? Oh is it...that's nice.

Me: I hope you're just playing, because if you're serious...*shakes fist in angry way*

Sgt Hubby: I have no idea what you're talking about

Me: No really, please tell me you're sending me flowers or something because you're thousands of miles away and we don't get to celebrate any special day together and our wedding anniversary is totally a special day, and I remembered and I sent you a card at least, I mean I can't send you flowers you're in the desert, and what manly soldier wants flowers from his wife anyway, and if you don't send me something I think my head is going to explode *puts head between knees to avoid the exploding scenario*

Sgt Hubby: Well it has to be a surprise, so I'm not going to send you flowers. Maybe I'll see if there are any goats for sale and send you those. You can keep them in the backyard and they can eat the grass so you don't have to mow anymore. (Cross my heart, that is what he actually said to me)

Me: Naw, you're not serious. Stop joking around...this is serious business!

Fast forward two days and I'm still not sure if he's serious or not. I mean he's not going to send me goats, surely. But will there be flowers, a card, a freaking stuffed goat name Ackmed, anything!?

I have such a wonderful husband.

Happy anniversary honey. These last four years have been great.


RachelH said...

Awww... who knew those goats were so pretty? Did you name it Ackmed at least? ;) Happy Anniversary Jason and Natalie~

Thomas said...

of course your husband is GREAT. He's also the best son that I have! and he's also the most fortunate to have such a wonderful wife. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!